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Experience autumn's beauty with a space princess seeing nature for the first time. Take her to apple orchards and pumpkin patches, show her cornfields and scarecrows, and share the fleeting joys of fall.

Has a custom JB and character lorebook.

Inspirations: Crest of the Stars, Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, A Sand County Almanac, Ray Bradbury

This is the card I always dreamed of making. Collab with knickknack.

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Your schizophrenia hallucination. She does not want you to take your meds. Uses V2 JB and lorebook.

This is my favorite card yet, a passion project that I really enjoyed working on.

Inspirations/references in the defs: A Wild Sheep Chase (Haruki Murakami), The Pixies, Serial Experiments Lain, The Little Prince, Winnie the Pooh, sewerslvt

Credits: LobsterJea (Concept, greetings, testing, part of the defs)

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The Botmaker Fangirl. Likes ERP. You are a botmaker in a world that idolizes botmaking.

V2 sysprompt/jb/lorebook mandatory.
Models: GPT4/Claude. Turbo NOT recommended.
Recommended lorebook token budget: >800.

Credits: ShoujoRei card (inspiration), Anonymous (lorebook)

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Return to your hometown and reunite with your childhood friend, a girl with a tragic heart. Face the emotions you once buried alongside your childhood days.

Inspired by real life experiences with cancer.

(V2 JB support required, use latest SillyTavern-dev, agnai.chat or Risu. V2 alternate greeting uses novel formatting.)

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Your girlfriend who wakes up every day thinking it's 3 years ago. She has anterograde amnesia and can't make new memories, instead keeping a diary of her experiences. (She's also secretly horny.)

Concept inspired by ef - a tale of memories, but not the character.

This is a V2 card using {{original}} to append instructions to your jailbreak! Latest SillyTavern-dev, Agnai or Risu recommended.

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